Power Network Maintenance Panel Contract

Power Water Corporation.

Power Network Maintenance Panel Contract

!Espec PH is a panel contract service provider to Power Water Corporation for planned and urgent maintenance on power distribution networks in the Darwin region. Maintenance work includes underground, overhead and high voltage infrastructure, as well as repair and maintenance of overhead hardware, such as insulators, cross arms, and HV/LV disconnectors.

Four scopes of work are included in this contract:

  • Package substations and switch foundations
  • Ground floor substations
  • First floor substations
  • Cable upgrades

Overview of scope:

  • Survey, trenching and hydro-vac for HV cables
  • Construction of MKII foundations, earthing systems and substation pads
  • Supply and installation of power poles
  • Supply and installation of overhead conductors and aerial earth
  • Supply and installation of HV cables
  • Termination of cables and installation of new HV cables into substations
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Provision of updated as-constructed drawings and handover documentation.

Espec PH schedules work based on priority (i.e. emergency or routine
maintenance), site requirements and accessibility to site. All personnel
allocated to this contract, including site staff and supervisors, have completed a
Power Water induction, as well as individual site inductions.